AI's Achilles Heel?

The perils of ignoring data readiness in the race to innovate

An insightful report

In the fast-evolving landscape of business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't merely a trend — it's fast becoming a strategic imperative. As businesses globally prepare to incorporate AI technologies, Wanstor commissioned research across a wide variety of sectors to better understand their needs, motivations and preparedness for adoption of AI tools. 

This report covers insights from this research on the present status of AI adoption, along with the business implications and challenges that organisations encounter. As we dive deep into AI,  we explore it's multifaceted role within businesses and the unique nuances it presents for organisations across a variety of sectors - addressing fundamental questions that shape the narrative of AI adoption.

Primary Objectives of AI: From analysing data to improving employee productivity, automating routine tasks, enabling personalisation and enhancing customer experience

Integration of Technology: Examine the current adoption rates and future expectations concerning AI solutions, including chatbots, predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms, and robotic process automation.

Influence on Business Functions: Gain insights into how AI is reshaping various business functions, particularly in IT, operations, and customer service. Investigate the ways in which employee roles are being impacted by AI.

Emerging AI Tools: Evaluate the impact of advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot on business operations, employee efficiency, and productivity. Understand the expected return on investment and the challenges to adoption across different age groups in the workforce.

Preparedness for AI Adoption: Delve into the crucial aspect of business readiness for AI adoption. Explore the role of data readiness, the necessary steps organisations should take to ensure data reliability and security, and the overall impact on the successful implementation of AI.

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Insights from the Hospitality and Charity / Not-for-Profit sectors

This research was conducted across multiple sectors and we have some specific outcomes and trends within the charity / not-for-profit and hospitality sectors. Click the button below if you wish to download the report for these specific sectors.

Why Wanstor?

We're an award winning Managed IT Services Provider and Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Azure Infrastructure and Security. We've partnered with well loved UK charities and not for profit organisations to deliver  IT Transformation projects with true business impact, enabling them to operate efficiently in a cloud-first environment.

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